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Our Top 3 Pre Winter Checks For Your Central Heating
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Our Top 3 Pre-Winter Checks for your Central Heating

Winter isn’t far away, so here are our essential pre-winter checks.

Use Radiators

Consider rearranging your rooms in time for winter, if your radiators are currently blocked by any furniture. Even though placing seating furniture next to a radiator may seem like a good idea to keep warm, it may prevent the heat from circulating around the room. It will help the air to circulate if you move furniture even a few inches away from the radiator, as well as preventing any heat damage being caused to the furniture. TRV’s (thermostatic radiator valves) are also useful to install if you don’t currently have them, as they will help control the temperature of each room.

Check Your Home for Draughts

Blocking any draughts that you find in your property is a cheap and effective way to keep it warm.

Gaps around your doors and windows could allow cold air to enter your home, which will result in you having to use your heating more. This means that reducing draughts will reduce your energy bills. Simple draught excluders can block cold air from entering under doors, or you can purchase draught proof strips.

Check Your Insulation

If you check your home is insulated before winter commences, it will help prevent any warmth from escaping. You can check your loft for any existing insulation. If you have thicker curtains, keeping them closed will prevent any heat from leaving through the windows. If you have any non-carpeted surfaces, placing rugs on them will help trap in heat.

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